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For the 2016 season, you will need to enroll your child onto the team through a web-based system.

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Computer Art-- the Visual Expression of Algorithms

Computer Art

Robot Simulator


Joystick Programming (exercise-joystick-programming.htm)
This is an exercise in programming the joystick used in the May Madness competition.

Line Following Exercise (exercise-in-line-following.htm)
This is an exercise in Line Following with many examples of robotC code.

Function Overloading Exercise (exercise-in-function-overloading.htm)
This is an exercise in Function Overloading and Multi Threaded programming with many examples of robotC code.

VEX IQ Challenge 2015-2016

May Madness 2016 (Saturday May 7th)

To be held at the Sarah Heinz House on the Northside. (

The robotics tournament for May 2015 is going to be based on the VEX IQ Challenge called: High Rise. This challenge involves stacking as many blocks as possible within a 60 second time period.

There are going to be several different types of competitions. Some involve just a single team at a time while others involve multiple teams working cooperatively.

The competitions that involve multiple teams working cooperatively utilize robots under the control of "handlers" who use hand-held game controllers to control the robot. We will be competing in the cooperative challenges. I have joysticks that operate the robots using Bluetooth communication.

We will also compete in the autonomous robot challenges where the robot simply follows the programming that was written.

Please review the videos below to get an idea of the challenges that we will participate in.

Fall 2015 First Lego League Season: Trash Trek

Our season will focus on robots that talk -- about trash. We will have talking robots.

Text to Speech

Data Mining

FLL Theme for this year: Trash

Collection of Factoids

Factoids will be stored in a database repository and will be mined for words.

Computer Programming

First Lego League 2014 Challenge: World Class Learning Unleashed

You have probably learned so many things in your life that it is hard to count them. You started learning as soon as you were born. You learned to walk, tie your shoes, and how to read this Challenge. You might have learned to dance, paint, or play an instrument. You might even have learned how to kick a soccer ball at the perfect angle to score a goal.

There is so much to learn, but people do not all learn the same way. Just like there is more than one way to build your robot, there is more than one way to learn most things. We call these different ways of learning "learning styles." Most people learn through some combination of watching, listening, reading, writing, moving, and even playing. Do you have a favorite way to learn new knowledge or skills?

Some learning tools or techniques might make learning more exciting, while others help you remember the information for a longer time.
Your Project mission this season is to find a better or more innovative way to help someone learn.
Please contact me if you are having trouble with the on-line forms.

Teambuilding Exercises (
Teambuilding Exercises

May Madness