FLL Tournaments


Part Rock Concert

Audio visual screens. Music. Dancing. Outrageous costumes.

Part Basketball Championship

"Final four" of smarts. Cheerleading teams. Mascots. Cheers. Dances. Referees. Team logos and colors. Television coverage. Announcing.


The "pits." The machines. Sponsor names on robots. A procession of robots enters the field with logos and lights.

Part Broadway

Lights, set, orchestration, and choreography combine to produce a well-rehearsed show. Rehearsal (practice), scripts that determine the sequence of events, an overture of guidance, the main act with many subplots, and a finale of awards/celebration.

Unique FIRST Traditions

Gracious Professionalism. Button trading. Wild Traditions costumes. Announcers asking for help for teams that need it. Worldwide on-line collaboration. Dr. Woodie Flowers' shirt with a "gazillion" signatures. Dean Kamen's "homework."

It's More Than Robots

It's about completing a very challenging project with limits on your budget and a firm deadline. It's about working on teams, help from caring and knowledgeable Mentors and peers, Gracious Professionalism, helping an opponent.

Look and Feel

The same look and feel at every competition venue. No matter where a FIRST regional is held, the show and experience are the same. Careful oversight and a tight schedule preserve the culture.


Fast-paced and changing conditions require creative solutions and initiative from all.